Adventures at Beamish

We now realise how lucky we are to be alive in 2018 rather than living the hard life of 1913 Britain. We enjoyed our ride on the tram and a chat from the pharmacist.

Did you know that for a 21st birthday present girls would have all their teeth taken out and be fitted with dentures? Boys would go to work down the pit at just 12 years old and if you were late for school you would be given one stroke of the cane. Ouch!!!.


8 thoughts on “Adventures at Beamish

  1. Wassup Y6 I hope you are enjoying your time at Northumberland. it’s Zahra who is an ex student from this lovely school but better know as Mubeen’s annoying sister. I bet none of you lads will go a day without crying for Fortnite it’s Mubeen’s worst nightmare. And Just so you know Mubeen and I can’t get enough of BTS a k pop band Mubeen adores! I’ll have a great time making your BTS socks smell of my rosy sweat.I can’t wait to embarrass you more in these incoming days so I’m going to save it. Your mummy sends you a big kiss and have a great time Y6! Don’t annoy any teachers, go to bed on time and catch you later! X


  2. Beamish sounds facinating! It certainly sounds like a very hard life in 1913!

    (Victoria said it’s very quiet here without you William! Don’t know why, you’re not noisy at all are you hehe)

    Love Mum and Dad xx


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