Beamish Museum

A fabulous start to our week in Northumberland. Visiting the historic town where we explored what life was like in 1820-1840s. We descended down a coal mine, had a quick lesson at the local school and even had a quick check up at the dentist. Safe to say we’ve all had an amazing time and certainly learnt lots already.


5 thoughts on “Beamish Museum

  1. Hi Jacob and friends,

    looks like you’re having a fantastic time. We’re laughing at the ridiculous faces you are pulling Jacob… enjoy the rest of you day

    lots of love Mum Dad Luke Euan Daniel & Ethan

    ps…. im on your xbox Jacob lots of love Ethan xxxx


  2. I think children got paid one penny for working down the mine all day! They couldn’t spend it on sweets, they had to give it to their family for food.

    Looks like you’ve had a brilliant day William can’t wait to hear all about it when you come home.

    Love Mum and Dad xx


  3. Hi Ibrahim (Ishaq) ! Glad you had a safe journey, Beamish looks just as beautiful as it did when your brothers went. I’m sure you will have enjoyed the travel back in time!


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