And the winner is…

After a very windy beach experience we managed to work as a team to create some wonderful castle designs, with some of the features we saw from Bamburgh. Mrs Marsh was this years judge, and after much deliberation she decided that the winner was…
Mrs Forshaws group! Congratulations on your victory. 

See if you can spot some of the features on our castles. 


11 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Great photos of some very talented sandcastle makers! Well done everyone, they were probably quite tricky to build in the wind! xx


  2. Hi Amara and the rest of the gang…
    What amazing sand castles you have all built.. well done they look fab.
    Hope you are all enjoying yourself.

    Looks very windy out there.
    Enjoy and have lots of fun..

    Amara, we are missing you lots.. the house is so quiet without you.

    Love you lots
    Mummy, daddy and Rayyan x x x


  3. Wow! Super sandcastles! Well done Mrs Forshaw’s group! Looks as though you are having a fabulous time. School is very quiet without you all. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures on your return! Miss Cooper x


  4. Hi Ibrahim,
    Well done everyone! What awesome designs; clearly you’re all very talented and creative minds. Thank you for sharing your windswept day at the beach!
    Wishing I was there
    Missing you
    Hugs xxx
    Love Mum


  5. Looks fabulous. I’ve been admiring the places and an really envious of all of you. Missing you Liam but I know you’ll be having a blast! Mum xxxx


  6. Jacob and Lois you look to be having a great time. Enjoy the rest of the holiday and we will see you on Friday. Grandpa and Granny xx


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