Bamburgh Castle

This morning we’ve spent our time exploring all the rooms and halls in Bamburgh castle, listening to our tour guide talk about all the famous wars, people and spooky stories that contribute to the castle’s history. We have all learnt some fascinating facts about the impact the Vikings had over 1000 years ago. The room full of used weapons seemed to be a personal favourite for the children, as traces of blood have been seen on them, showing that they were used in battle at the castle. Here are a few photos from our day so far.


13 thoughts on “Bamburgh Castle

  1. That’s a lovely big smile Leah, We are jealous that we are missing out on sharing all that history with you. Have a fantastic time honey. We love you. Mum and Dad xx


  2. Oh pretty you look in that dress Ibrahim! What a thrilling time you’re having, Knight in shining amour, blood stained weapons, and tales of medieval mystery and mayhem! Enjoy the rest of your day Sir Poshington! Lots of love and hugs Mum x


  3. Oh wow. One of our favourite places Tia. Have you been sharing your knowledge too? I can’t wait to show Noah and Riley where you have been today and what else you get up to. Love ya lots, Mum x x x


  4. Hi Micky,
    You must have enjoyed your trip to Bamburgh castle. Hope you have more photos.
    Liked the way you posed in the last photo where you all sat.
    Do have more fun.
    Love you.


  5. Hey Amara,

    Hope you are enjoying yourself? Sorry didn’t get chance to post a message yesterday.
    Missing you lots sweetheart…
    See you soon and enjoy your holiday.
    Love you lots xxx


  6. Thank you for posting the pictures, it looks like everyone is having a fantastic time! Alesha, we are missing you so much but I’m glad that you’re happy.


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