Breakfast time

After a well deserved sleep its time to fuel ourselves ready for a busy day at the castle. Some lovely smiling faces this morning.


16 thoughts on “Breakfast time

  1. Good morning Ibrahim. I do hope you had a good nights sleep, I’m sure it must have been a little strange sleeping in a new place. I’m looking forward to following your adventure today, have fun exploring.
    We all missed you this morning getting ready for school.
    Lots of love Mum xx


  2. Good morning Lucy. Looks like you’ve had a good night 😀. Enjoy yourself today. Look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to later. Love mum, dad and jack xxxx


  3. Good morning Jacob, Lois, friends and staff,

    Wow….. don’t be expecting those delicious breakfasts next week. Hope you have all had a good nights sleep. Have a wonderful day exploring.

    lots of love Jacobs Mum xxxxxxxxx


  4. Hello Michael.
    Hope you rested well so you’re prepared for the days activity.
    Your breakfast made me hungry…
    Love you
    Mum,Dad and Sis


  5. Morning Lois and Jacob,

    Make sure you have a good breakfast and enjoy your day. Looking forward to more pictures.

    Lots of love mum xxx


  6. Mubeen kool kid! I’m hoping you are enjoying your trip to the fullest.
    It’s a bit hot here in Pakistan today.
    Spoken to your mum and sisters,they are fine having asian style pizza every evening. It will be a good idea to write your daily activities . Enjoy


  7. Morning William! Breakfast looks delicious! Hope you had a good night’s sleep. It’s very quiet at home without you. Looking forward to seeing what adventures you all have today 🙂

    Love Mum and Dad xx


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