Dinner time favourite

Having local fish and chips for tea was definitely a hit with everyone!  


18 thoughts on “Dinner time favourite

  1. Yummy…. looks delicious, can imagine you’ve all worked up an appetite after your busy day!

    We’re missing you Jacob… Dads birthday today, I will try and save you a piece of cake 🎂 but I can’t promise 😋

    Lots of love Mum Dad Luke Euan Daniel & Ethan xxxxxx


  2. Hope you have had fun today Jonas, the sandcastles looked amazing. Enjoy tea and see you soon. Love you lots Mum, Dad and everyone xx


  3. Yummy fish and chips, ben and matthew are really jealous.

    Those sandcastles today were amazing well done to everyone.

    Lots of love mum and dad xx


  4. The food looks beautiful and the place you are staying looks really homely and cosy!! Eat it all up Liam or there’s no room for PUDDING!!! 😂😂😂


  5. Looks like you’ve all had lots of fun today, tea looks delicious. We’re all missing you Tyla, its very quiet and no ones dancing through the room lol. Hope your enjoying yourself, love you lots xxx


  6. Hi Alesha, I have seen all of the wonderful pictures and I am so jealous I wish I was there with you.
    love from your sister, Misba. P.S believe it or not I am missing you xxx 🙂


  7. Ibrahim, I’m sure you must have worked up quite an appetite after your eventful day. Your meal looks scrumptious! Enjoy my Pumpkin 😘
    Mum xx


  8. Hi Lucy. We thought your tea look delicious. I bet you were ready for it after been on the beach all afternoon. We can’t wait to receive your postcard😀. Have a lovely night and look forward to seeing what you are up to tomorrow lots of love mum, dad and jack xxxx


  9. Hey Lexie Marie. Looks like u hv had a fab day sweetie. Can’t wait to receive ur postcard. Enjoy ur night. Love I lots n lots mum xxxxxx


  10. Looks like you are having a great time and those fish and chips look lovely! It’s very quiet at home without you here. Hope you are behaving and haven’t forgot your manners. Miss you lots 💙 x


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