Deep in thought.

We are working hard, using our thinking skills to describe Bamburgh castle whilst some of us are carefully sketching the castle. We even had the privledge of having an art lesson from a celebrity! Can you see who?…


11 thoughts on “Deep in thought.

  1. Morning Ibrahim, what a gorgeous view of the castle, you seem to be very focused on your drawing ✍️. From what I can see of it, I do believe it’s going to be a brilliant finished piece. Super well done! Looking forward to hearing all about your chat with the celebrity

    Sending you more hugs and love
    Mum xxx


  2. How exciting Year 6. So glad to see you’re having a wonderful time.
    I have been following your adventures on the blog all week. Can’t wait to see your pictures and hear your descriptions of Bamburgh.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay

    Love Mrs Ebbs x


  3. Wish I was there sketching the castle, looks like a nice relaxing morning for you all :-). Can’t wait to see your drawing William and hear all about what you have learned x


  4. Seems such a lovely place Amara…
    You seem very happy, have a lovely time and enjoy the rest of your stay.
    Can’t wait to see you.
    Enjoy xxx
    Mummy and Daddy xxx


  5. Good morning Lucy. It looks lovely where you are today. You look like you are busy concentrating on drawing the castle. Have another great day. 😀 love mum 😘 xxxx


  6. Hi Leah. We finally spotted you hiding behind your picture. We hope you are having a great time. See you soon. Love you xxx mum and dad xxx


  7. Wow! What a beautiful place, I wish I was there sketching with you guys.
    Hi Alesha, I hope you’re enjoying your residential and I am missing you so much!
    Hugs and kisses love mum. 😉


  8. Hi Micky
    Can see you’re really deep in thought in your drawing. Am looking forward to seeing a ‘master piece ‘ to show off to your sister.
    Keep working hard but still have fun.
    Mum, Dad and Sis.


  9. Timmy Mallet! Wow famous celebs helping to teach you now – perhaps he will come to school?
    How wonderful of him to take the time – we must try to write and say thank you. X


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