Holy Island

Our adventures on Holy Island have unfortunately been cut short due to the severe wind. We managed to get across to the island and have a brief look at St Mary’s church and the visitors centre before we headed back across the causeway.


7 thoughts on “Holy Island

  1. Shame about the weather but we hope you enjoyed the brief visit Leah. That’s not a happy face you have on that picture. Cheer up little bean. We love you xx mum and dad xx


  2. Glad you all made it safely back across the causeway Ibrahim! I was very worried as it’s been very windy here too. I’m sure the visit will be memorable even though it was short.
    Miss you Pumpkin xxx
    Love Mum


  3. It’s a shame that you have to cut short the visit but I know it still worth the short time and you still enjoyed seeing the holy island.


  4. Glad you’re all safe and sound and you managed to get across to look at St Mary’s Church and the visitors centre. It’s been very windy here today.

    See you soon William and can’t wait to hear about everything you have seen.

    Love Mum and Dad xx


  5. Hi Amani and friends.
    I am glad you managed to visit the island ,albeit for a short time. Hope you and all your friends are having fun xxx


  6. Shame about the weather, but at least you got to Holy Island to have a look around. I hope you enjoyed your art lesson earlier, hope I get to see the end result.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, love from mum and dad xx


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