Off we go!

All packed and on the coach ready to return home. Thanks for a fabulous time Northumberland.


12 thoughts on “Off we go!

  1. What a fantastic blog it has been this year. Thankyou to all the teachers for taking the children on this incredible adventure. Lots of wonderful memories have surely been made. I remember going on this trip 20 years ago (I sound old don’t l) with Mrs Ward and Mr Ashton. It has become one of our family favourites especially Bamburgh Castle. We can not wait for your return Tink. We have missed you soooo much and l think Hazel has too. See you soon beautiful x x x

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  2. Lois your postcard arrived this morning, it was lovely to be able to read about your trip.

    Safe journey home everyone. Looks like everyone has had a fab time.

    Massive thank you to all the staff for giving up your time to take our kids, and for loads of pictures, so that we can see what they have all been up to.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon Lois. Loads of love mum and dad xx


  3. thankyou to all the staff and kids that made this trip possible what an adventure a big thankyou to mrs forshaw and mrs evans for looking after me when I didnt feel well and mrs marsh for the loan of your socks lol I have just looked at the pics on the blog wow its fantastic thanks for keeping our adults updated on our adventures hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did xxxxx
    Darcie Cresswell

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  4. Absolutely fantastic! What a busy week we have had. Thank you to everyone, the teachers for lucking after us and the rest of y6 for making it memorable. I will remember this trip forever. I really enjoyed the boat ride and going to Bambrough Castle. My little brothers really like their presents. See you all Monday. X x
    Tia Scaife

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  5. I am Jonas Iโ€™m doing my homework and I really like the beamish museum I would give the whole residential a ten star rating canโ€™t wait for our next residential.

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