Ahoy there

Heading off on our boat adventure to hopefully see some seals while sailing on the Glad Tidings.


18 thoughts on “Ahoy there

  1. Wow guys looks fab hope you’ve had a great time I see you’ve got your camera Darcie hope you’ve got some fab pics can’t wait to see them love ya loads Mum xxxxx


  2. You look so happy Amara…
    It looks windy and cold out there.
    Hope you’re enjoying yourself?
    Love you lots and missing you…

    No more trips for you Miss it’s the longest you’ve been away from us.

    Enjoy the rest of your day,

    Love mummy, daddy and Rayyan xxx


  3. Amani , it looks like you are having a fab time and creating some beautiful memories. I hope you enjoyed the boat trip. See you tomorrow for lots of hugs xxx


  4. Hello Y6,
    You all seem to be having a great time! Where should I start, back here in Rotherham it is POURING with rain! On my way home, there are girls from my school protecting their heads with books! Enjoy your last few days ❤️

    By the way,
    It is probably the saddest day for Mubeen and Muslims. Make sure you remember the people who sacrificed their lives for us


  5. Hi Alesha, thank you for the beautiful postcard, I hope you’re still having a great time and we can’t wait to see tomorrow. Love form Mum and Misba xxx


  6. Hey Lexie Marie. Looks like u hv had another fab day. All the pics r great lv! Hv a good night n day tomora too! Love u lots n lots mum xx 😘 xx


  7. What a busy day you guys have had today, I know you will have enjoyed the rock pooling Lois.

    I hope you got to see some seals on your boat trip. Keep the pictures coming and enjoy your last night. Me and dad can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about your trip.

    Love you loads mum and dad xx


  8. This looks like the best day yet, nice to see lots of smiles on the boat and beach whilst rock pooling. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures Tyla, everyone says hi and we’ll see you TOMORROW yeah, love and miss you lots xxx


  9. Hi Jonas, got your postcard thank you. That boat ride looks amazing looks like your weather has been better there than here. Missing you lots and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Love you loads and loads Mum, Dad and everyone xx


  10. This was my favourite day. The boat was rocking like crazy! I really enjoyed the residential. This was the best residential because if the activities. Thank you teachers for taking us!
    From Lucy


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