Preparing for our crustacean collection! 


7 thoughts on “Preparing for our crustacean collection! 

  1. Have a fun day everyone, Tyla your postcard has arrived 😁 lovely to hear from you, thank you xxx missing you lots and lots, love you xxx


  2. Ugh!! Scary pictures. You’re braver than I am Leah. Received your postcard at midday today. Was lovely to read it. We miss you too and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Love you xx mum and dad xx


  3. You all look like you’re having lots of fun rockpooling today 😁 have you found any crabs William 🦀 hope you didn’t run away from them haha xx


  4. The rockpooling adventure looks fascinating Ibrahim! How very courageous of you all to pick up some pretty scary looking specimens. Joy the rest of your day
    Love from Mum xxxx


  5. Hi! It’s Bernice hope your had fun today, we miss you lots and the house is quiet without you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!


  6. I will wreck you on fortnite tee so don’t come back! Can’t wait when you come back tomorrow! Hope your haf a good time so far!


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