Get ready. Your postcard is on its way.

We have worked hard to give you a snapshot of our adventures in Northumberland tonight. Once we had perfected them we had a walk through the village to the post box to send them on their way. It was very dark as there are not as many streetlights as there are in Rotherham and it was also very quiet as there are not so many cars about. We hope they get to you before we get home.


12 thoughts on “Get ready. Your postcard is on its way.

  1. Looks like a great end to a fantastic day. Can’t wait to get your postcard Tink. Hazel is alright. Still full of mischief. Night Sweetie x x


  2. A nighttime stroll in a quiet, serene village, how fabulously magical Ibrahim! Eagerly awaiting your postcard my gorgeous sunshine xx
    Goodnight Ibrahim
    Love from Mum 😘


  3. Aaahhhhhhh…… waiting for the postcard Amara..
    Hope tou are enjoying your time away.
    Missing you lots sweetheart

    Mummy and Daddy x


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