Postcard preparation

Tonight’s activity is writing postcards home to our families. All the children are very excited to write and post them to you so please write on the blog when you have received them-it’s a postcard race! 


13 thoughts on “Postcard preparation

  1. Looks like you’ve had so much fun today hope you took nice photos and we miss you loads, Mikey!! Looking forward to your postcard xx


  2. Looking forward to my postcard Eden. I wonder who will get home first, you or the postcard?? Love n miss you lots Mum xxxxxx


  3. Hey Ibrahim, looking forward to the post arriving! You’ve had a very long day, i hope you have a good sleep.
    Goodnight sunshine. Missing you more and more x
    Love you always


  4. Hi Ben hope your having a fab time. Got your post card today it is lovely. Have a lovely day tomorrow. Missing you lots love mum Thomas and sam xxxx


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